our previous foals sold to new homes

While Time Fades, The Hoofprints on your Heart will never Disappear! 

I have put my heart in soul into my breeding program. It's an accumulation of many years of hopes and dreams and lots of hard work. We feel incredibly grateful and blessed with our success. We truly want to thank every buyer who has believed in our program and has purchased a foal from us. We hope for many more years of raising quality Morgans, Friesians and Friesian Crosses. 

Foals we've raised since 2016

2016 Foals

The Poderoso Valentine (Sold)

The Poderoso Tanner (Sold)

The Poderoso Creme Dream (Sold)

The Poderoso DaLa Moose (Sold)

2017 Foals

The Poderoso Easter Lilly (Sold)

The Poderoso Chipeta (Sold)

2018 Foals

Poderoso's Sweet Delight (Sold)

Poderoso's Hidden Hope (Sold)

Poderoso's Smokin Thunder (Sold)

Poderoso's Silver Genesis (Sold)

Poderoso's Ebony Moon (Sold)

2019 Foals

Poderoso's Razmatazz (Sold)

Poderoso's Ragtime Darlin (Sold)

Poderoso's NashtimeDavina (Sold)

Poderoso's Titanium (Deceased)

2020 Foals

Poderoso's Zephyr (Sold)

Poderoso's Rock My Heart (Sold)

Poderoso's Regal Contessa (Sold)

2021 Foals

FBF Twenty One Gun Salute (Sold)

FBF Oliviers Bernard (Sold)

FBF Oliviers Satine Storm (Sold)

FBF Olivellas Melody (Sold)

FBF Bellissima Lailah (Sold)

2022 Foals

FBF Tycho (Retained)

FBF Tobias 

FBF Aurelia (Retained)

FBF Araya (Retained)

FBF Giovanni (Sold)

FBF Atlas

Valiente Van FBF (Retained)

Previous Foals and Sales.
FBF Giovanni

2022 Grulla Moriesian Colt SOLD

FBF Olivellas Melody

2021 3/4 Friesian 1/4 Arabian Filly (Olivier R.S. X Legendarische Star)

Black Moriesian Filly

2021 Moriesian Filly FBF Oliviers Satine Storm (Olivier R.S. X Hang N Storm Warning) SOLD Canada

2007 Grulla Morgan Mare

Lady Dun D Duchess SOLD Wisconsin

Moriesian Colt

2021 Moriesian Colt FBF Oliviers Bernard (Olivier R.S. X GYDUP Sassie Dun Sue) SOLD Michigan


2018 Friesian Filly (Julius 486 X Pilgrim 336) SOLD Nevada

Grulla Moriesian Filly

2021 Grulla Moriesian FBF Bellissima Lailah (Olivier R.S. X Lady Dun D Duchess) SOLD Wisconsin

Friesian Cross Filly

Poderoso's Khaele 2019 Friesian Cross Filly (Watler X Indi) SOLD Oregon

Ragtime Dun D

Grulla Morgan Stallion SOLD-OREGON

Camas Mist Teagen

Grey Morgan Filly sold in Foal to Olivier R.S. for a 2020 Moriesian SOLD-UTAH

Filigree in Sterling

2009 Black Silver Morgan Mare SOLD-NEW MEXICO

Poderoso's Titanium

2019 Black Morgan Colt (Olivier R.S. X Filigree in Sterling) Passed Away

The Poderoso Easter Lilly

2017 Brown Silver Morgan Filly (Derawnda Zeus X Mia-Mar Tama) Client Owned

Poderoso's Zephyr

2020 Black Moriesian Filly (Olivier R.S. X Lady Dun D Duchess) SOLD- COLORADO

Poderoso's Regal Contessa

2020 3/4 Friesian Filly (Walter X Indi) SOLD- UTAH

Poderoso's Rocky My Heart

2020 Brown Moriesian Colt (Olivier R.S. X Mia-Mar Tama) SOLD-FLORIDA

The Poderoso Chipeta

2017 Friesian/Paint Cross (Olivier R.S. X Black Bonanza Moon) SOLD- OREGON

Poderoso's Hidden Hope

2018 Black Friesian Filly (Olivier R.S. X Fernanda Fan Luckystar Ranch) SOLD-UTAH

Poderoso's Ebony Moon

2018 Black Moriesian Filly (Olivier R.S. X Poderoso's Black Raven) SOLD-

Poderoso's NashtimeDavina

2019 Bay Dun Morgan Filly (Ragtime Dun D X Nashboro Guinevere) SOLD-UTAH

The Poderoso DaLa Moose

2016 Brown Moriesian Filly (Olivier R.S. X MDM's chantiliesgoldnbrigade) SOLD-TENNESSEE

The Poderoso Creme Dream

2016 Bay Dun Friesian/Mustang Cross (Olivier R.S. X) SOLD-WASHINGTON

The Poderoso Valentine

2016 Bay Moriesian Filly (Olivier R.S. X Hang N Storm Warning) SOLD-NEVADA

The Poderoso Tanner

2016 Buckskin Morgan Colt (Season's Pure Country X Icestorm of Monarch) SOLD-UTAH

Poderoso's Razzmatazz

2019 Brown Silver Morgan Colt (Ragtime Dun D X Mia-Mar Tama) SOLD- VIRGINA

Poderoso's Ragtime Darlin

2019 Grulla Morgan Filly (Ragtime Dun D X Poderoso's Black Raven) SOLD- OHIO

Poderoso's Silver Genesis

2018 Black Silver Moriesian Colt (Olivier R.S. X Filigree in Sterling) SOLD-UTAH

Poderoso's Smokin Thunder

2018 Smokey Black Moriesian Colt (Olivier R.S. X Hang N Storm Warning) SOLD-UTAH

Poderoso's Sweet Delight

2018 Bay Moriesian Filly (Olivier R.S. X Icestorm of Monarch) SOLD-UTAH