*PLEASE CALL Orlan 435-828-6111 or Donna 435-790-3235 FOR ANY QUESTIONS OR INFO on any horse for sale on this page. Five B Farm does not handle or manage these horses in any way.



Rocking Teardrop is owned and operated by Orlan and Donna Anderson. They strive to raise quality foals every year that have a personable, willing temperament, and an excellent conformation. Every foal sold is imprinted at birth and is handled on a weekly basis.  All Foals sold by Rocking Teardrop come registered, with a Utah Brand inspection (foals are not branded this is just required by the state of Utah), a health certificate and Coggins (required *only for out of state sale). This allows for less hassle for the buyer and the foal to be completely ready to go by weaning time. Weaning time occurs between 4-6 months of age and is determined by Rocking Teardrop.


Foal Reservation: Any available Foal may be reserved with a $1,000 NON-Refundable Deposit 

Foal Pricing: Full Morgan Foals: $5,500+

Friesian Full Foals: $10,000+

Moriesian Foals: $8,000+

Friesian Cross Foals: $8,000+

Please Contact Donna Anderson 435-790-3235


Orlan Anderson 435-828-6111

If interested in any foal that is available!


current availability

AVAILABLE: $10,000

10-month-old Gray Warlander Colt

Keane SW

Keane was bred by a wonderful Warlander breeder in Oregon. This colt is super sweet and has been handled and loved since birth. He loves people and literally nickers for attention. His Sire, The Golden Boy H is very tall, and Keane will be as well. He will make a stunning, well tempered ride for some lucky buyer.

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2020 Red Dun Morgan Stallion

Lyly's Bobby aka Red

(FPS Success Made in Dun X MTN Maple Holiday Lily)

Red has been saddled, lunged, is utd on farrier, de-wormer etc. He'd be ready for some light riding next year. He is stout and will make someone a fantastic mountain horse. He is currently intact but could certainly be gelded.

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Red Dun Morgan Stallion
Red Dun Morgan Stallion

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Stallions of Rocking Teardrop

Friesian Stallion
Friesian Stallion

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Friesian Stallion
Friesian Stallion

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Maarten Registration
Maarten Registration

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Friesian Stallion
Friesian Stallion

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2020 Friesian Stallion 

Maarten Von Brickelnfeld

(Sipke 450 X Tsjerk 328)

Out of Frigga Fan Synaeda a Crown Preferent mare!

Friesian Genetic Carrier Status:

Negative: Hydrocephalus & Distichiasis

Positive: Dwarfism

This young Stallion is PROMISING... Expect a small first foal crop by Maarten Spring 2023. Contact RTD if interested in breeding to Maarten!

Stud Fee: $850.00

mares of Rocking teardrop

Bay Dun Silver Morgan

2021 Bay Dun Silver Dapple Morgan Filly 

(Tocaras Double Dose X The Poderoso Easter Lilly)

Brown Silver Dapple Morgan Mare

2017 Bay Silver Dapple Morgan Mare

(Derawnda Zeus X Mia-Mar Tama)

UPDATED photos coming spring 2022

Andalusian Mare

2016 Homozygous Gray Andalusian Mare

(Cibolles X Shusha)

Moriesian Mare

2018 Moriesian Filly

Morgan X Friesian

(Olivier R.S. X Poderoso's Black Raven)

UPDATED photos coming spring 2022

Morgan Mare

2016 Morgan Mare

(S Bar B Chingadero X Bela's Cocoa Justine)

Morgan Mare

2006 Morgan Mare

(MRM Black Jack X Highland Ridge Daisy)


2011 Morgan Mare

Carrier of the Silver Dapple gene

(Zeulner's Marvelous Robert X Small Acres Rendezvous)

1_2 Friesian 1_4 Andalusian 1_4 Morgan

RTD's only Grade Mare but she's an outstanding riding mare! Was told she was Friesian x Morgan x Andalusian but bloodwork has since shown that she does not carry Friesian blood. 


2020 Friesian Filly

Beamer R X Theresia Victoria Romea

Carrier Status:



Distichiasis-Positive 1 copy

sold foals of rocking teardrop

RTD Midnight Nyx

2022 3/4 Friesian 1/4 Morgan SOLD UTAH

RTD Cricket

2021 Moriesian Colt SOLD UTAH

RTD Tatanka

2021 Moriesian Colt SOLD MICHIGAN

RTD Bella

2021 Moriesian Filly SOLD UTAH